Weekly Saying of Substance
— G.I. Gurdjieff

G.I. Gurdjieff, Fourth Way, self-transformation
Now as regards the fourth great religion founded on the teaching of the full-of-hope Saint Mohammed… it might perhaps have become eventually a ‘hearth of hope and reconciliation’ for them all if these strange beings had not stirred this also into a hotchpotch.
On the one hand its followers also mixed into it something from the fantastic theory of the Babylonian dualists… [but also] invented and added to it many things about the blessings of the notorious ‘paradise,’ which as it were, existed ‘in the other world.’
All the great genuine religions which have existed down to the present time, created, as history itself testifies, by men of equal attainment in regard to the perfecting of their Pure Reason, are always based on the same truths. The difference in those religions is only in the definite regulations they lay down for the observance of certain details and of what are called rituals; and this difference is the result of the deliberate adoption by the great founders of these regulations which suited the degree of mental perfection of the people of a given period.
Except for the custom of polygamy, there is nothing in the Mohammedan religion which was not also in the Judaic as well as in the Christian teachings.
The great creators of the Mohammedan religion decided on the one hand to simplify the teaching itself and so on the other hand to emphasize certain customs, so that the everyday life of the followers of this new teaching—who had lost the capacity for contemplation and consequently the possibility of understanding truths consciously—might at least mechanically flow more or less tolerably.

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