The Gurdjieff Journal

Back Issue - #53 Volume 14 Issue 1

The Gurdjieff Journal - Issue #53

The Meaning of Life
in the Technological
World Time

Is humanity in danger of losing its spiritual connection and possibilities?
Is the Church of Robotics our future?

In Search of The Soul
Part XI: Taoism

Has esoteric Taoism devolved into the pseudo-esoteric. Is there a soul
in Taoism?

The Devil's Interval

Banned by the Catholic Church, the "Devil's Interval," the tritone, has been embraced by modern music.

Talks with
Katherine Mansfield

A. R. Orage recounts the profound impact of Gurdjieff and the Work on the world famous short story writer.

Gurdjieff at Taliesin

Gurdjieff's visit to Frank Lloyd Wright and his wife, Olgivanna, a former pupil, shook the rafters.

Working With Instability

How do we protect ourselves and the Work during instability?

Book Review:

Gurdjieff & Hypnosis

Is this an exploration of Gurdjieff's ideas or another ad hominem attempt by certain Sufis to invalidate Gurdjieff and The Fourth Way?

Film Review:

What Do Women Want?

Three films explore the lives of contemporary women and the questions of importance to them.

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