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Back Issue - #22 Volume 6 Issue 2

The Gurdjieff Journal™ - Issue #22

Gurdjieff & Christianity

Was Gurdjieff a Christian? It is important to understand the part that Christianity played in Gurdjieff's life and in the teaching he brought.


The Making of
Gurdjieff in Egypt

An interview with William Patrick Patterson on how the first video documentary of The Fourth Way came to be.

Gurdjieff's Wartime
Meetings in
Nazi-Occupied Paris
Part III

Instead of fleeing to America, Gurdjieff stayed in Paris where he conducted meetings and movements throughout the war. These are never-before-published transcripts of his wartime meetings.

Working in the World:

Philosophy in the Marketplace

What happens when the pseudo-esoteric is put in service of the corporate bottom line? A description of how some entrepreneurial 'philosophers' are saving the 'soul' of business.

Film Reviews:

Being John Malkovich
and Man on the Moon

These two films explore human identity: What does it mean to be a human being? Who inhabits my body? Who is the 'real' me?

Book Review:

Al-Kemi: Hermetic,
Occult, Political
and Private Aspects of
R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz

by André VandenBroeck

Author André VandenBroeck was a student of de Lubicz, the alchemist and hermetic philosopher best known for his exploration of pharaonic Egypt. Both student and mentor were in the serious and devoted pursuit of cosmic knowledge.

In Memoriam:

Dr. John Lester

Dr. John Lester was one of the few remaining individuals who studied directly with Mr. Gurdjieff. Beginning as a student with Jane Heap in London, he went to Paris after World War II to study with Gurdjieff, attending Movements classes and going to lunch and dinner at Gurdjieff's apartment.


Tidbits gleaned from the world and the Work.

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