The Gurdjieff Journal

Back Issue - #1 Volume 1 Issue 1

The Gurdjieff Journal™ - Issue #1

Collision of Worlds
Part I

The first of a three-part interview with William Patrick Patterson on Eating The "I".

Holy Land Losing Its Christians, Leading to Fears of Vacant Shrines

What will happen if the Holy Land loses its Christians?

Working in the World:

The Collective Interval

Once recognizing we are living in a collective interval, the question becomes: how to Work in it?


Examining the source of the Enneagram.

Book Reviews:

Kathryn Hulme's Undiscovered Country & Gurdjieff: The Anatomy of a Myth by James Moore

Hulme relates her time with Gurdjieff and includes her autobiography in Undiscovered Country. In Gurdjieff: An Anatomy of a Myth Moore writes the definitive biography of G.I. Gurdjieff.

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